The Last Leopard

This is the cover art I did for The Last Lepoard, the third book on a series from author Lauren St. John including The White Giraffe and Dolphin Song. The book was finally published this month by Penguin Young Readers Group.


TURCIOS. said…
geniales ilustraciones. abrazo
Misa Tsutsui said…
What a great works!!
Because your work was tooooo wonderful, I lost myself-confidence.....

I am painting work by Painter, too.
Your texture is wonderful, is it original of you?
Hi Misa,

You don't have any confidence to loose: your works are really beautiful! I work mostly with Photoshop and the textures comes from different sources: photos, Photoshop brushes, 3d renders, handmade watercolor or acrylic spots and strokes, scanned pieces of leather or paper, anything!
Misa Tsutsui said…
Photohsop! Sorry,I am mistake.
I follow you, and try to looking for various textures.
Thank you!! ;)
Anonymous said…
It's a beautiful, arresting image of Khan and suits the book really well, Antonio. Very different from the covers I did for the UK editions of Lauren's books, but I can see you were just as inspired by the texts as I was. Fascinating to see how the same book can be interpreted visually in such completely different ways!

Are you doing the US cover for the final book (The Elephant's Tale) too?

Best wishes,
Hi David!

Nice to have your comments here. I'm really happy you like the cover! Thanks so much for your comments. No news on The Elephant's Tale yet.

All the best,