Sleeping Beauty on EXPOSE 7

I finally received my copy of EXPOSE 7! Awhile ago I participated in one of the traditional CGNetwork digital art challenges. That time the topic was Steampunk, Myths and Legends so I have to be there. The contest was great, the bar rises for every new challenge and the result is always a lot of talented people gathering together, collaborating and giving feedback in an effort to create new amazing images and video. I wanted to create a story more than just an image so I tried to add depth and background to the characters and elements on the scene. Once the contest ended I submitted my Sleeping Beauty for consideration on EXPOSE 7, an annual collection of the finest digital art in the world. I was accepted in the category of Storytelling and now it is published next to some other images that immerse the viewer in an unfolding story. If you would like to see and read a work in progress for the image please follow the link of the contest page.


La Mouche said…
Kaparocito, fui a la página de la revista a ver tu entrada. Mind blowing! Super genial la muestra de los progresos del trabajo por etapas! Congratulations! Un beso