The Age of Steam

Steampunk once again. This is the opening image I did for The Age of Steam for SFX Magazine, August 2009. An alternative industrial London, airships, clunky robots, victorian costumes and lots of steam. Who can refuse?


Simply wonderful. Love the muted tones.
EDUARDO peña said…
el buen STEAM,, al estilo CAPARO>>>
Thanks for the comments! I really love Steampunk so I was more than happy when SFX call me for this job.
Kim: that's another thing I love about The Magic Thief: it is not Steampunk but it has the feeling somehow. I have a couple of personal Steampunk projects in mind... time is what I need.
I know what you mean about The Magic Thief...many of the references have a steampunk feeling to them.
Keep painting and sharing your work. Would you ever post a WIP?
Hi Kim,
I'm posting a WIP in the "Share One Planet" website. I was invited by the organization to be part of this competition and I gladly accepted. Here is the link to my WIP page:

Thank you Antonio. I will continue to follow your progress on your little Slow Loris. Right now, I'm loving the mood of the piece...the reflective light in his big eyes and the moon-lit rim of the earth. Will you keep posting until finish?