The Nutcracker

Hi there. This is the most busy time of the year, at least for me, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to share this image with you. This is the cover I did for The Nutcracker, recently released by EMI Records. It was great to have the opportunity to create my own version of this popular story. I also did all the type and calligraphic work so it was twice the pleasure. I hope you like it!
Best wishes for this Christmas and for the upcoming 2011! See you around soon!


Brilliant illustration, Antonio. Good balance between color, composition and emotion.
Hello Petar! Thanks so much for posting. I'm glad you like the image. You've been always an example and source of inspiration for me so I'm more than happy for your comment.
Anna said…
I found your name on "share one planet"
just love your art...
I would like post about your art on my blog...with a link back to you ofcourse!
you can find me here, and please let me know what you think?
Gr. from holland
Hi Anna,

You have a lovely blog¡ It will be a pleasure to have a post about my work there¡ I think it is a great idea¡ Thanks so much and thanks for the comments also¡

Anna said…
I will post tomorrow..hope you like it!!!
and please let me know if every thing is oké? so can change it immediatly?
Lg. from a very wet holland
Caparo, genial, muy hermosa tu versión. Estaba mirando la iglesita, y está muy buena para hacer una versión en madera. Si me decido, te envio foto.

saludos a la familia,

Hola Conde,

Que bueno que te haya gustado la imagen. Me sentiría honrado si la pequeña iglesia te inspira para tu trabajo. No dejes de mandarme la foto si lo haces.
¡Un gran abrazo!