Access the Oracle

Hi there,

It's been a while since I posted a personal piece for the last time. The past few months have been a continuous flow of awesome commissions that I hope I will be posting here soon but there has been no time for my personal projects. While most of them will have to wait a little longer to be finished I managed to squeeze some time to finish Access the Oracle before the year is over.

I was somehow inspired by "House of Suns" by Alastair Reynolds, a novel that includes some of the most surreal images of the far future I've ever read. If you want mind blowing sci-fi concepts and ideas they are mostly in literature than in any blockbuster movies for sure.
I was trying to catch the concept of a human searching for knowledge about a Universe larger than his understanding. After a few rough sketches I decided to give it a Steampunk feeling -taking some distance from Reynold's source- and then it came the idea of a light bulb as a standing podium from where the human may ask the Oracle. It took more than a year to be finished but finally here it is.

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday and a prosperous 2012!


Fernando Forero said…
Great work my friend!!!!
Anonymous said…
gran trabajo, no lo veia desde el comic de partido final que hizo para tnt en bogota. att prototype f.