Grave Secrets

Hi everyone, Happy New Year 2012!

The first post of the year is a creepy one: the cover I made for Grave Secrets, a novel part of the Deadtime Stories series by authors Annette Cascone and Gina Cascone written in the 90s and re-published by Tor Books in 2012. This was my first commission in the horror genre so I was really excited to take it. It's focused on a young audience so yeah, no Freddy Krueger's blood splatters here which made it more interesting to work with. Also the color palette selection was an interesting choice. The editor wanted to avoid the usual dark and monochromatic palettes frequently associated with horror images and keep working with my usual colorful palette for Young Readers books so the trick was using some bright spotlights to illuminate the composition from different angles.
I already made five covers for the series with a sixth one in the making so expect to see more of this here soon!