Dangerous Waters, An Adventure on the Titanic

Before I continue with the covers for Deadtime Stories I would like to share with you the cover art I did last year for Dangerous Waters a Young Adult novel by Gregory Mone and published by Roaring Brook Press. It's an interesting tale full of mystery and adventure with the Titanic as a background before it fatally sank.
I had plenty of liberty of creation here. The Art Director only requested that the ship and the two main characters were visible on the cover. She also asked me if I would like to do all the typographic work too so I ended up doing the complete cover design by myself which was a great thing since I had a lot of control over the final image.
I decided to place the kids portrait inside a porthole that worked as a circular frame behind the type and gave the title a slanted look so it would have a subtle vintage movie poster style.
Finally, painting the ship was more difficult that I thought in the beginning: being in the task to represent such an iconic ship means you have to be extra careful to do it right with all the infinite rows of windows and everything, but it was fun after all.


this is AWESOME!
i love the design, congrats... and Deadtime Stories???
wow i have never heard of it before, i love the idea!
Thanks so much for your comments Lakhsmita! I'll be posting another of the Deadtime Stories covers soon!