Deadtime Stories: The Beast of the Baskerville

Another of my covers for Deadtime Stories series by Gina and Annette Cascone, The Beast of the Baskerville to be published by Tor Books on May 2012 . Oh, I so love drawing scary forests and twisted trees. I spent a lot of time designing the shape and direction of the branches and bark textures and moss. I enjoyed doing this cover a lot. If you want to have a preview of the rest of the titles in the series please visit


Roger Williams said…
...and, as agent to the authors of this series, I can attest to how THRILLED they are with the STUNNING work Antonio has done on the covers for the DEADTIME STORIES for Kids!

Take a look at how they are all displayed on the
Thanks Diego! Thanks so much Roger for pointing to the site of Annette and Gina, I also added their link to the post. It's been a pleasure for me to work on this series, it's great to know you like the art so much. Cheers!