Certified Organic Astronaut

This here is the first image of a new series I'm working on called "Astronaut". It is an attempt to create portraits of futuristic astronauts but adding a lot of bio-engineered stuff to their suits so they are no longer metal and rubber things but something entirely different, suits were things grow on top of them, synthetics more linked to nature and at the same time more alien.
It all started some time ago while playing with Ecosystems on Vue Esprit. I began creating landscapes there but then I started to think of new ideas to make things "grow" on a 3D surface other than trees and rocks on a landscape. I made a first sketch and from there on a lot of new things happened.
I will be posting a Work In Progress of this first image on my Behance Network portfolio with all the details and discoveries on the process of creation. Drop by and leave a word if you like it.
Also the second image of the series is almost finished so stay tuned!


Rafael said…
Excelente! quiero ver mas