Kraft Sketchbook

Hi there,
This is my new sketchbook. DeSerres started producing them recently (or I haven't seen them before) and I couldn't help but get one. Here are a few of the images I have made on it. Not very good for pencil but really nice for ballpoint pens or pigment liners.


red_lipstick said…
Love all but especially love the first one. I notice that you sign them Kaparo (not Caparo). Is there a reason for that? Your work is incredible.
Hi Red Lipstick, thanks for posting, I'm glad you like the images especially the first one which is a favorite of mine too.
About my signature: I started using it when I was at the art school, too long time ago to remember why did I decide to use the K. I've considered returning to sign with C as my last name but I have so many works signed the other way now that I think it's better to live it like that.
Have a great day!