Hi there,
Some people have been interested on this image I posted on my Behance Portfolio some time ago so. My wife Adriana Garcia made a photo shoot with a model and I found many interesting images there but this one in particular caught my attention.

So I asked her for permission to use it on a photo-illustration exercise. I never did a sketch for this image which is unusual for me but I came up with an idea and began constructing the art from my internal image. I made a render of a sky in Vue Esprit including a sphere on top for the planet. I decided not to put any texture to it on the render. That would allow me a higher control over the planet and the clouds in the future.

Then I mixed both images in Photoshop and began adjusting the color of the photo to match the warm tones of the sky. I had a hard time removing the model's tattoo. Damn! Its difficult to find a model without a tattoo nowadays, not that I don't like them but they use to spoil the image most of the times. One interesting thing was the grey blue light on the top of the model that I decided to preserve both in the sky render and in the final art. I added a light glow around the figure to enhance it.

Then I added the rock texture and some moss. I had to do a lot of brush work here to modify the edges and put as much detail as possible.

Finally I made the other two totems based on this one and painted the birds to give a sense of scale. And there you go, enigmatic totems in the mist.
I think I will return to that photo shoot to make some more experiments like this one in the future, if I get the photographer's permission first...


Caparo you are the best!!!!!
Caparo, excellent and beautiful!!!!as usual