Kraft Sketchbook 2

Here is a group of sketches from my kraft sketchbook, I made a previous post about it here. One of the sketches on this post is in fact an update on a drawing from that post with more ink crosshatch on it.
I haven't been sketching a lot in this fellow lately. I decided to have two or three different sketchbooks at hand and switch between them, some days my backpack is so full of stuff that I carry a small 5 X 7 that I have. Sometimes I just want to do sketches for my commissioned work which I usually do in a bigger 8 1/2 X 11 with white paper. The toned paper here has been great for ink but not so much for pencil, it tends to smudge the graphite so I try to avoid it as possible.
Oh, and now I also carry a small sketchbook for my daughter whenever we are together in the subway, that way I wont' have to be ripping pages out of mine for her. Should make a post with her drawings some day.


These sketches are wonderful. Such strong, yet lyrical lines.
Thanks for the comments Kim. I'm glad you like them. I don't do ink too often in my everyday work that's why it is such a pleasure to return to it in my sketch breaks.