Victorian Interfase

I started this image back in 2010. I wanted to draw a turn-of-the-Century gentleman but I wanted to give it a Sci-Fi twist and nothing came to my mind so I put it on hold for a long time until the idea of the umbrella-interfase popped up. I slowly started working on it in my very scarce spare time.
More than a year later I read Transition by Iain M. Banks and I was fascinated with a scene where a similar gentleman -a sort of trans-dimensional traveler- sat at a 19 Century coffee shop and meticulously ordered the objects on his table (the tea cup, napkins, etc.) until they "clicked" in the precise cosmic order to jump to another time-dimension.
It was a fascinating scene with a more compelling settings that the one I was drawing but that's the power of literature.
I recommend reading that book to all Sci-Fi fans, in the meantime here is Victorian Interfase for you.

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Anonymous said…
Please please make this into a print? I would love a copy of this in my home!
Prints of this piece are now available on InPRNT. Come visit!