Thunder Drummer

I recently found Corel Painter 2015. I have known Painter for sometime now but the recently addition of particle brushes in the last version just blew my mind. My main tool for digital illustration has always been Photoshop but I have always liked Painter and the new brushes are something a step further, a truly advanced tool to create special effects. The particles on each brush interact between each other adding a sort of random feel to your strokes, they seem to have a mind on their own but at the same time they follow your lead.
I immediately decided to give them a try so I rummage through my old sketches searching for something simple that would not take too much time to finish. I found Thunder Drummer, a not so complex piece that I have kept filed for a long time, it was finished in a couple of days. I used the particle brushes for the drum explosions but the rest is Photoshop. There is a Work In Progress for this image on Behance.